First of all, thank you for volunteering your time toward helping out the fleet at one of our events; it is greatly appreciated.

In order to sign up for a shift, we need you to login in your account on our site.

Once you’ve logged in, you will be taken to your landing/home page. It might be your Profile page or your Dashboard page. Either way, click on ShiftController. If you cannot see the ShiftController or you get an error, please open a ticket to have your account added to the Staff list. Only Staff members can access the ShiftController screen in order to sign up for shifts at events.

The ShiftController screen will automatically show you all the shifts you’ve signed up for. If you haven’t signed up for any shifts, this screen should be blank, like this one:

Now, click on "Everyone Schedule." This will take you to a new screen that will show you all the open schedule shifts, as well as who has signed up for which shift. And now the screen will show the open shifts available on the event days. In this example, we’re using the schedule from Convolution 2014.

You can sign up for any shift that is open. Open shift are colored RED, while shifts that have someone working them are colored GREEN. If you do not see any Pick Up buttons for a RED shift, then someone did not configure the shift properly. Please contact an admin or open a ticket.

If all goes well, you can sign up for the shift. Let’s click on that 11:30 to 13:00 shift on Friday morning. This is a 2.5 hour shift, so that likely means that this is a setup-shift; we will be helping to put together a table or booth for the fleet. Usually this will have more than two people working.

After we sign up, we can go back to the My Schedule page and see it listed. Now, we’ll have to make sure to be on site before 11:30am to help do booth/table setup!

NOTE: If you commit to a shift, remember to arrive early enough to make sure you’re on hand to help out!

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please open a ticket.