Are you an author of Star Trek fanfiction? Do you merely wish to sign up to read and review fanfics already published on our site? Follow along as we walk you through how to sign up for an acunt using our system.

First, read our policy thoroughly. It outlines your responsibilities as a member of our community in submitting or reviewing stories. By signing up for an account, you agree to uphold all of the points written here.

Once you've read through the policy and you believe that you will uphold the tenants therein, you can proceed to data entry. Let's begin with entering your name and email. The next part of the screen should look like this:

Penname (required) is what all users on the Archive will see as your author name. It is also used as your login name. This is not changeable, so please choose this carefully.

Real Name (optional) is if you wish to share your actual name with the community. This is not a required field, and you can leave it blank for later edit/entry.

E-mail (required) is used to register your new account. Please enter the email address you wish to use with Ad Astra. It is required, and you will receive an email from the Archive to validate your account.

Let's continue with your sign-up by moving down the screen a bit more:

You should see a large text box in which you can enter some information about yourself. This is known as the Bio area, where you can share your interests, hobbies, or general information abour your craft (ie: How long you've been writing, or if you write in other areas). This field is completely optional and you can leave this blank to edit it later.

LiveJournal, Web Site, DeviantArt are all optional fields in which you can use to place your LJ/DA usernames, or the URL to your personal web site.

If you wish for others to contact you via Instant Messenger, you can use the AIM, MSN (aka Windows Live Messenger), or Yahoo IM fields to enter your handles for each of those services.

Let's continue by scrolling down the screen further:

If you are willing to act as a Beta-reader (someone willing to test-read an author's early drafts), please select Yes. Otherwise, you can select No.

For Gender, you can select female, male, or leave it undisclosed.

You will need to enter a Password to secure your account. We highly recommend that you choose a password with more than 8 characters, using both UPPER and lowercase characters, 2 numbers, and 1 special character (!@#$%^&*_-=).

Finally, in order to help us combat spam accounts, we request that you enter in the numbers displayed in the small graphic located right above the Submit button.

If you're missing any required information, the form will return you to this screen and remind you to fill out all required fields. If all information is accepted, you will have signed up with Ad Astra! Congratulations!