If you're an author working on a running or completed series of Trek fanfics, you can group your stories as an established series of your own creation (please do not create a series named The Next Generation). Let's walk through the Ad Astra interface to add your new series to the Archive.

First, click on Account Info at the top of your screen:

This will bring up your Account Info screen. Click on Add New Series:

Once you click on this menu option, it will take you to a new form. This form looks similar to the New Story form. Let's start at the top:

As an example of a filled-out series form, we're going to use Michael Garcia's Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead series for demonstration purposes.

The Title section is where the Series Title should be entered. In this case, we see Michael has entered in the title of his series. This is a required field.

Below it, is the Series Summary section. This section is also required, and should hold general information about your series. Michael's entered in his series summary and added a cool graphic as well. If you have a series cover/logo, you can use the tinyMCE editor to add images into the summary section. You can always edit this information later.

We need to setup your series' Category, Characters, Genre, and Warnings, next:

Select the proper Category from the list. If you need information on what category your series belongs to, please see this helpful page on the categories we offer. This selection is required, and you can choose multiple Categories by adding them via the > button. Michael has selected Expanded Universes for his series' category.

Do the same with Characters and then Genre. Select one or more characters and genres that apply to your series. This is optional, so you don't have to select any if you don't wish to. Michael has selected the ensemble cast of USS Farragut (his original ship creation), but he opted not to select any genres.

Under Warnings, you should choose the highest warnings for your stories. If you have Graphic Heterosexual situations in one story, but not another... select it anyway! Michael's series stories are pretty mature, so he has selected Adult Language, Adult Situations, and Graphic Het.

Series Type is for those series that are Open (anyone can add a story), Moderated (anyone can add a story, but it needs approval by you), or Closed (only you can add stories). Michael's series is Moderated, as shown in the example.

Once you're finished filling out this portion of the form, click Submit to create your series! Congratulations!