You've created your new series, but you need to add your stories to it. If you haven't written any yet, get to writing! Once you've added your series stories to the Archive, you can add them to your series. Click on the Account Info section of your menu:

From there, you should now see the Member Account screen:

Click on Manage Series, and then let's continue on.

When you first created your series, you should have seen a screen like this:

This indicates that you have no stories grouped in this series, yet. Don't worry, though! We're going to show you how to start adding those stories in. Click on Add to Series.

Since we're using Michael Garcia's Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead series as a demonstration, let's take a look at the dialogue he sees when he goes to try and add a story to his series. He has lots of stories and other series he's created that he can add to Full Speed Ahead.

On your screen, put a checkmark in the story you wish to add, and then click on Submit. If you have more than one story that qualifies for series grouping, keep putting checkmarks in those boxes until you're done.

We'll browse to Michael's series screen to show you what a filled-out series will look like, complete with options.

Once you've added all your stories, you should see "The action was successful" at the top. In Michael's example, he has a number of stories grouped within this series. The arrows pointing up and down are there for you to adjust the order in which they should appear on the main series page. You can also remove stories if you've added them by mistake.

When you write more, return to the Manage Series page and add them into your series. We hope to see more stories from you in the future!

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