Ad Astra uses the rating system established by FictionRatings. We're unable to utilize the rating system used for motion pictures in the United States, due to copyright and trademark status by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Let's walk through each of the ratings and see if they apply to a story you've written, or if you're looking for stories that match specific content.

  • Rated K: General audiences, suitable for children. No profanity, violence, or adult situations.
  • Rated K+: General audiences, suitable for pre-teens. Very mild coarse language only. No violence or adult situations.
  • Rated T: Suitable for teenagers. Mild coarse language and violence. No adult situations.
  • Rated M: Suitable for young adults (17+). Contains explicit profanity or violence, mild adult situations/themes.
  • Rated MA: Mature audiences only. Will contain graphic/explicit profanity, violence, and/or adult situations.

Select the rating most suitable for your reading or writing pleasure. Please note that stories with the MA rating will feature a pop-up window to remind readers that they're about to read graphic/explicit content.