Problem: Whenever a story is uploaded to the archive, the character is strewn throughout the story.

Explanation: The character is used when the web server is unable to render the Microsoft Word "smart" or curly quotes that are included in the original text of the story. This also includes smart/curly apostrophes, commas, ellipses, and other punctuation that employs the what Microsoft refers to as the "smart" style of punctuation.  To disable "smart" punctuation in your future efforts, please visit Microsoft Office support and search accordingly.

Solution: While tedious, we recommend striping out all usage of these smart/curly punctuation prior to uploading. For stories that used this previously with no issue, the replacement character is as a direct result of our move to a new server software which does not support this (nor will it in the future). This is unfortunately not going to change.  You can opt to replace all quotes in a text editor with the following codes:

" -  Double quotation marks (")
& - Ampersand (&)
— - Em Dash (Long Dash)

Please edit your stories, or unselect the option in your editor while writing. We apologize for the inconvenience.