Because of the long-running discussions on our forums, it's only natural that you may wish to receive email notifications when new responses are posted to your favorite topics. Depending on the circumstance, you may wish to be notified of new posts in a particular board, instead. If you would like to be notified on any new announcements from the board administrators, you can easily use the Follow button to follow an entire board.

There is a difference between following a board versus a topic. Following a board will yield notifications only for new posts, not new responses. Following a topic will yield notifications for new responses to the topic.

Let's begin with this concept, and the same principle will be applied to a single topic. First, let's find the Follow button in the upper right quarter of the screen:

From here, you can use your mouse to click on the button, which will bring up a pop-up for you to use to let the forums know how often you wish to receive these notifications:

Your choices for frequency are:

  • Instantly: You will receive email notifications automatically, regardless of whether you're logged in to the forums or not. This is also the default choice.
  • Only when not online: If you log out of the forums, you will receive email notifications on new responses. These notifications will be silenced if you're shown to be logged in.
  • Daily: You will receive a Daily Digest of topics/responses, usually mailed out at the end of the day.
  • Weekly: You will receive a Weekly Digest of topics/responses, usually mailed out at the end of the week.

Also available is the option to follow anonymously; meaning that your number will be counted in the upper corner, but your name will not be listed if someone clicks to see who is following the board or topic.

Once you've made your choices, click on Follow this forum or Follow this topic.

You will now see the number increment by 1, and if you click on the number, you should see yourself listed.

If you have any questions or run into any errors, please open a support ticket.